Callaway Cars Inc.

Callaway Cars Inc. (USA) is a company specializing in tuning sports cars of American and German production. Founded by Reeves Callaway in 1977, the company began by selling turbo kits for BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Within 10 years, Callaway's workshop in Old Lyme, Connecticut, has grown into a manufacturing facility. In 1984, Callaway launched a turbocharged version of the Alfa Romeo GTV6, and Chevrolet management became interested in his activities. In 1986, a contract was signed for the production of a special modification of the Corvette with twin turbocharging – Callaway C4 Twin Turbo Corvette. This was the only time in Chevrolet's history that a car developed by a third party was RPO B2K and sold through Chevrolet dealers with a full manufacturer's warranty.

Модель Годы
Callaway C4 Corvette Speedster 1990
Callaway C4 Corvette Speedster Series 500 1991
Callaway C4 Corvette Super Speedster 1993
Callaway C4 Corvette Super Speedster LM 1994
Callaway C4 Corvette Twin Turbo Aerobody 1989
Callaway C6 Corvette CR-1 1992
Callaway C6 Corvette Le Mans 1994
Callaway C7R GT1 1995